• Why Online Home Tutoring???

    There are a handful of key reasons why you choose Online Home Tutoring:

    1. We believe in connecting a student to their own, individual, specific academic success.

    2. We believe in connecting students from anywhere across Australia, irrespective of distance and location, to the highest quality of tutoring available.

    3. We believe this highest quality of tutoring is available from the comfort of your own home.

    4. We believe and operate to the values of; accessibility, growth and independence.

    5. We employed tutors based on their personal skills, their teaching concepts and the passion they have for the subjects they tutor.

    6. We source additional presentations by professionals for our students: e.g. How to prepare for an exam, or, What is it like study Veterinary Science and being a Vet, or, What is it like being a Lawyer - videos that may help inform your child as they journey through their schooling

  • What is the vision and values of Online Home Tutoring?
    Our vision at Online Home Tutoring is: Connecting students to academic success through quality tutoring. We display this proudly across each page of our website. It is fundamental concept we come back through everything we do.
  • How does Online Home Tutoring enact the mission and values?
    We will work toward our vision simply through enacting our three values: Accessibility (to our tutors via online, to learning via our tutors), Growth (through our humanistic, self-actualising teaching perspective) and independence.
  • How do I know the quality of the tutoring is high?

    Online Home Tutoring believes our tutors are our face of our company and the most important part of the service we offer you. All tutors have been carefully recruited based on their understanding of the student needs, the concepts of the Humanistic teaching approach, and their passion for the subjects they tutor. We have only recruited tutors that are registered teachers and have recently taught/tutored the subject they are tutoring at Online Home Home Tutoring.

    We regularly review tutorial session recordings to ensure tutoring practices adhere to Online Home Tutoring standards.
  • Is the content of the tutorial supplied by Online Home Tutoring?
    Online Home Tutoring does not provide a curriculum - we do this for a particular reason. Curriculums can and are, broad by nature. The help a student may need with a tutor may be particular to a single piece of knowledge or understanding. We believe that if the student brings a goal and the content that they want help with, the student will have a stronger sense of responsibility to the tutorial, ownership of the learning and ultimately enjoyment of the learning. If the student supplies the content they need help with, the tutorial will be specific to that particular student and their needs.
  • What is the Humanistic teaching approach?
    The Humanistic teaching approach is a student-centred approach to learning where the student takes ownership and responsibility for the learning. The teacher/tutor guides the student. By taking ownership of the learning, life skills of independence, responsibility are also developed.
  • How will I be notified when my booking is confirmed?

    We will send an SMS to your nominated mobile number when one of our tutors accepts your tutorial.

  • What if a tutor does not accept my booking?
    We will contact you after 48 hours, cancel the booking  and organise for different booking times to be submitted.
  • When do I pay for the booking?
    When you make the booking, you will enter your credit card details but only after a tutor accepts the booking and the tutorial is confirmed in our system, will your credit card be debited. The booking confirmation SMS will acknowledge that payment has been made.
  • Can I cancel or change booking times?

    Unfortunately due to operational reasons and tutor availability we are unable to accommodate changes to bookings. Please do ensure the times you submit for the tutorial at time of the booking are correct.

  • Why are tutorial sessions recorded?
    Tutorials are recorded so that the student can go back over the recording and use it for revision and further learning. Online Home Tutoring will also occasionally review recordings to ensure tutoring practices are to the highest standards. If you are uncomfortable with a session being recorded, please contact us prior to the tutorial. Tutorial recordings are stored in YouTube as Private videos - this means the video is only accessible through the video link. The video link is only accessible in the student account. The video will only ever be accessed by management and the tutor (when required).
  • What are school discounted codes?
    We believe that tutoring complements and supports learning done during school hours. Tutoring allows for one-on-one time with a qualified teacher for an hour to discuss specific areas of knowledge and understanding that the student may have. In this way, we want to work with schools, build relationships with schools that have the individual student’s needs at the centre. When a school registers with us, we will provide the school with a code they can give to you that allows you to access a discounted rate for a pack of 10 tutorials.
  • What does a school registration look like?
    When a school registers with us, we will include them in our newsletter emails, provide links to additional support videos and discuss with the school ways they can promote the school discounted codes with students e.g. through school newsletters.
  • What is Regression Testing?
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  • What is SDLC?
    SDLC is the acronym of Software Development Life Cycle. It is also called as Software development process. The software development life cycle(SDLC) is a framework defining tasks performed at each step in the software development process. ISO/IEC 12207 is an international standard for software life-cycle processes.