Online Home tutoring is connecting students to academic success through quality tutoring. The tabs below will run you through each of the aspects of our business. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.

Our teachers are our proudest part of Online Home Tutoring. We have spent a long time carefully recruiting the highest quality teachers. Every teacher has a teaching degree, and is currently registered to teach in his/her state.

In recruitment all teachers acknowledge they will work to a student-centred, Humanist teaching approach. This means you will receive an experience that helps you grow academically but also as a person, into independence. These are important elements to a learning experience during school years..

Privacy is a big issue at Online Home Tutoring. All teachers sign a privacy statement protecting the student’s identity and any information pertaining to their studies.

Security of all data is paramount. Our website has an SSL Certificate. This certificate creates an encrypted link between our website and our server. This ensures all data travelling between the website and server is private.