Online Home tutoring is connecting students to academic success through quality tutoring. The tabs below will run you through each of the aspects of our business. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.

Online Home Tutoring has deliberately chosen a ‘Humanistic’ approach to our teaching. A basic outline of Humanism in Education is that the learner wants to learn. They take control of their own learning and the teacher takes a more guiding approach. It is a very values driven approach to education.

There are terrific concepts associated with Humanism: self direction, responsibility creativity, curiosity. These are traits that are so important if learning is to be successful and life long. This is why Online Home Tutoring employs the Humanistic Approach in tutorials.

As such we ask students to set goals for their discipline in their first tutorial. And ask them to prepare the content they want to cover in their tutorials through the screen sharing function in the web conferencing tool. This encourages self direction, a sense of responsibility, of ownership to the learning in the tutorial. As the student takes the reins of the tutorial, this means the teacher steps back into a more important, a more intricate, guiding role.

There are a number of theorists who have contributed to the Humanistic Approach over time. Should you wish to read up more about it, check out Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow, Paulo Freire.

Our teachers are our proudest part of Online Home Tutoring. We have spent a long time carefully recruiting the highest quality teachers. Every teacher has a teaching degree, and is currently registered to teach in his/her state.

In recruitment all teachers acknowledge they will work to a student-centred, Humanist teaching approach. This means you will receive an experience that helps you grow academically but also as a person, into independence. These are important elements to a learning experience during school years.

Privacy is a big issue at Online Home Tutoring. All teachers sign a privacy statement protecting the student’s identity and any information pertaining to their studies.

We have a ranking system and Tutorial Tally for each teacher. This means you can have your say each time you have a tutorial as to the quality of the experience. Given we are just starting out, you’ll notice many of the Tutorial Tallies will be just starting out. This will change with time.